Plexodyne is a provider of Innovative Fireside Boiler Cleaning Technology. Our products have been designed from the ground up with the sole purpose of reducing inhibiting slag and clinker. Our customers are pressed to extract more energy out of fuel and reduce emissions all while improving the economics of their facilities. The quality of the fuel can vary and in many cases is generally selected based on economics and the impact on emissions,. This leaves the facility operator with a specific challenge to operate and maintain their facilities.


Plexodyne’s focus is on 4 main areas,

  •    Reducing fouling to gain efficiency and availability
  •    Improving combustion to gain efficiency
  •    Lowering exit gas temperatures
  •    Reducing corrosion to gain reliability
  • Reducing fouling to gain efficiency and availability

    Fouling caused by slag has detrimental effects on the boilers efficiency and availability. Reducing slag generally requires an outage to perform mechanical de-slagging. Off-line de-slagging is a common practice that is performed on most boilers during a planned outage. Boilers operating at a reduced load or burning lower grade fuels often force facilities to come off line for cleaning. In severe cases a boiler needs to be cleaned every 90 to 120 days, resulting in lost production. In addition to availability fouling leads to high stress on the draft systems requiring reduced demand from the fans to avoid stall. Low quality coal has a low gross calorific value, more ash content, high mineral content and low fusion temperature of ash below 1500 C. Over-firing of the molten slag lead to clinker formation. Large clinkers can cause damage to the boiler resulting in a forced outrage.

    Improving combustion to gain efficiency

    Slag has a major impact on efficiency. The thermal insulation properties of slag prevents effective heat transfer to the boiler tubes.

    Lowering exit gas temperatures

    Improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler improves all the ancillary equipment’s performance.

    Reducing corrosion to gain reliability

    Slag decreases the boiler tube temperature which results in corrosion, in addition the accumulation of metals in the slag has a detrimental effect unless treated.

    PD96x Technology

    Plexodyne PD96x is a proprietary solution of salts and catalysts designed to oxidize slag. PD96x neutralizes and converts combustion residues which form slag. PD96x is extremely effective in reducing Vanadium Pentoxide which forms in the supper heat zones of the boiler. PD96x’s reaction with ash reduces the mechanical bonding ability of the ash, making it friable, disintegrates and prevents it from remaining in contact with the boiler parts. Where Vanadium is present in the fuel, PD96x neutralizes V205 resulting in lower Sulfur Trioxide levels in the flue gas.