Water Desalination

Plexodyne is a provider of fireside boiler cleaning technology, designed to combat slag in Boilers, online without the need to make any load adjustments.

 Plexodyne reduces emissions
 Plexodyne is applied on-line / no downtime
 Plexodyne reduces fuel consumption
 Plexodyne is injected according to a program, not full time.
 Plexodyne contains no Magnesium
 Plexodyne designed for all boiler sizes
 Plexodyne will not affect Instruments
 Plexodyne is Non-toxic

Water Desalination

Plexodyne and partners have developed technologies specifically suited for the stringent requirements of the Water Desalination Market


PD276X-WD for Crude Oil fuels.

PD276X-WD is specifically designed for Heavy Fuel Oils, No. 4 to 6. The chemical reacts with the main fouling bonding agents, making deposits soft, dry and friable. PD276X-WD Improves heat transfer by reducing fouling, resulting in a substantial increase in boiler efficiency and reduced corrosion.